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Many pet parents along with their families want to have a one last final goodbye after the death of their pet. In most families, the death of a pet can be everyone's first experience. We encourage everyone, including other pets, to participate in the final goodbye. It is proven that by having a private goodbye helps many families through grief and with closure.

Please know that our staff has been trained in the proper procedures and care techniques to ensure that your pet is groomed and presentable for the final goodbye.

Final Good-Bye

Please be sure to mark your decision on our cremation authorization form at time of request for services

There are many ways to memorialize & remember your pet when they pass. We offer many different products, such as Laser Photo Urns, Clay Paw Prints, Fur Clippings & Rainbow Bridge Candles etc. We also offer free On line Memorials or Pet Obituaries. Our on line memorials allow you to write your own remembrance and upload photos. This lifetime archive will always be visible on our website, you can even share it on Facebook for family and friends to see it.

Your Pet's Memorial

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