Chica Fiordeliso

“Chica”, aka “Mrs. Burns” 8/14/03-2/7/19 Predeceased by her first love, best friend, brother, and protector, Gringo who passed away 8/2/12. Her eyes lovingly never left Gringo for as long as he walked beside her, and she continued to mourn, and look for his presence long after he left us. She was also predeceased by a stepsister Nina, and two stepbrothers Chico, and Jack. If there is a Rainbow Bridge, I hope they are all barking, playing, and chasing squirrels together. Chica leaves behind her furry cat brother “Dusty”, aka “Kitty Soft Paws”, who although they weren’t aways close living companions, she “tolerated” him, as he affectionately attended to, and looked after her from afar....he will miss her company none the less. Chica loved her humans..... her Momma, the family, and all of her friends. Chica loved and trusted everyone, but was always curious and especially fond of small children (her sweet nieces and nephews), and adored her “Baby”. Chica never had children but would have been an amazing mom. She had a small stuffed animal “baby” Chihuahua that went everywhere with her since she only 12 weeks old. When Chica wasn’t loving on her baby, “hiking the football”, or chasing squirrels with Gringo, she enjoyed snuggling up on a warm soft pillow, or feeling safely tucked under an arm of a human, while taking long siestas. China’s favorite treat was a baby carrot, a taste of what others were eating, or a little chewy steak-shaped dog treat from Wegmans. There will never be a more sweet angelic face than hers..... that tiny apple head, those big beautiful eyes, and her ears forever at 10 and 2. She will be forever adored and remembered for her genuinely kind, trusting, and loving heart and spirit. Chica will be sadly missed and was loved very much by her Momma Christina, her Nana and Pa Christine and Eugene, her Great Grandma Marie, her Aunt Cyndie, Uncle Gene, their spouses Uncle Jeff and Aunt Ellen, and several nieces and nephews. Chica was fortunate to have many close friends who loved her too, including one of her favorite human friends, Brian who was there with her Momma and her as they helped her pass on with great love, and dignity. A special thank you to Dr. Edwards and his team at Brockport Animal Hospital for lovingly caring for Chica always, and to Harris Funeral Home for treating her with the same love, compassion, and respect they would have for their own loved ones/pets.