How It All Began

In 2009 the Harris family lost three members of their family - Rottweilers, Hannah and Luke, and Great Dane mix, Jessie.  Devastated by the loss of their loving dogs, the family wanted to care for their deceased pets with the same love and respect they offered them in life - just as it would be for any one of their human family members.

As concerned pet owners, the family felt they needed more information about the pet cremation process.  Due to their background in funeral service, they knew the right questions to ask at the Vet Hospital. These questions consisted of:

Who will pick our dogs up for cremation? 
When will our dogs be picked up?
What type of identification was in place to guarantee we would we receive only our pets' cremated remains?
How long would it take to receive our pets' cremated remains back?

To their surprise, the pet loss care available within Monroe County was very poor, unprofessional, and insensitive to their needs.  This was not the care the Harris's were accustomed to providing to area families as Funeral Directors. 

Something needed to be done!

In 2009, applying the same values of integrity, compassionate care & professionalism their grandfather used to form Paul W. Harris Funeral Home Inc. in 1946, Pets at Peace by Harris Funeral Home was founded.