My pet has died, what do I do next?

Pets at Peace serves EVERY Veterinarian Hospital and residential home in Monroe County and surrounding counties. Please see below for instructions on what you should do when your pet passes.

1. My pet has passed away and is at my veterinary hospital - If your pet has passed away at a veterinary hospital, it will be important for you to ask which pet crematory they use.  If you utilize a Veterinarian Hospital that does not  work directly with our facility, please know that you have a choice for cremation services, and you DON'T have to use the facility they suggest. All you have to do is call us 585-544-2041 and we will handle all the logistics. 

2. I'm scheduling Euthanasia at my veterinarian hospital - If your scheduling euthanasia at your Veterinarian Hospital and they don't use our services, we ask that you please print out our Cremation Authorization Form  OR just call us and we can fill it out for you. Either way, we will handle all logistics to get your pet safely into our care.

3. My Veterinarian is partnered with Pets at Peace -If your pet has passed away at a Veterinary Hospital that has partnered with us, then you don’t have to do anything. The caring staff at the hospital will help you fill out our cremation forms and will notify us immediately. We will respond to your hospital as soon as possible to care for your pet. If you wish to call us directly to let us know please call 585-544-2041.

4. My pet has passed away at home , what do I do?- You have two choices if your pet passes away at home. We could either come to your home or you can bring your pet to us. Whatever you decide we suggest you call us at 585-544-2041 so we can make arrangements.