Our Facilities

We understand how important it is to properly say goodbye to every member of your family.  That's why we have an appropriate "pet friendly" pet funeral home, separate from our traditional funeral facilities.  We encourage you to have a private family goodbye or to hold a memorial ceremony in honor of your pet in our beautiful Rainbow Bridge Room, where the glowing candles and flowing waterfalls offer serenity and comfort.  Our Pets at Peace facility is located at 50 Dubelbeiss Lane in Rochester, NY (Town of Irondequoit).  Additionally, our staff is available to help your family create the perfect tribute to reflect your pet's unique life.

These comforting experiences can offer you and your family the opportunity to share stories about your beloved pet and say your final goodbyes.  We invite you to bring all of your pet family members to the gathering or ceremony, so they can say their goodbyes as well.